Brian Price of the Cleveland Browns Inspires Our Rant

We found the cutest way to curse on the CLS!

The "Mangagement ring" because it's only fair

The Cooper Lawrence Show on 106.1 BLI

How do you feel about the "Mangagement Ring?" That's when men who are engaged wear a ring too!

Cooper's Dog Gets High

Cooper's Dog on CBD Gummies

It seems like everyone is doing the CBD oil and gummies...even Cooper's dog!

How Many Bags of Trash Per Day per Family Do You Have?

Cooper and Anthony have 1-2 bags of trash per day. Cooper says that sounds about right...the listeners say otherwise!

The Cooper Lawrence Show RADIO DEMO

Starting with why your life would make a great reality show...Then we hear from a woman who watched the I35W Bridge collapse in Minneapolis in her rear view mirror; Why a nagging mom can help make you successful and some other fun stories. It's a demo, so...

The Cooper Lawrence Show Talk Demo

NewsRadio 1067. From The Mummy Brendan Fraser stops by; how men hear women; the Cosby accusations were brand new; a man in prison gets visitation of his kid; why listeners bond with each other and you guys help us make new show imaging!

The Cooper Lawrence Show "The Best Talk Show Ever" - My Mom

Trying to figure out how Pete Davidson gets the hot chicks Cooper and Anthony realize BDE is not a thing!

Who is worse, Michael Jackson or R Kelly?

Leaving Neverland vs the R Kelly Trial

The documentary Leaving Neverland came out at the same time as the R Kelly trial began. Cooper and Anthony discuss which story is worse and should we stop listening to both these artists' music?

Our Gracie Award winning Miley Cyrus Interview

It's Miley Cyrus at her most candid, open and intimate. This interview won a 2018 Gracie Award for Cooper and Anthony.  (Entire interview available upon request) 

Lady Gaga spills the tea on The Cooper Lawrence Show

Lady Gaga opens up about her life

In this incredible interview, Lady Gaga talks about rampant sexism still lurking in the not-so-woke music industry. She also shares a few secrets with Cooper. NOTE: This interview made it in to the Netflix doc "Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two"

Ed Sheeran on The Cooper Lawrence Show

This interview made national news!

This is the Ed Sheeran interview that made national news when Ed admitted he shared the then unreleased, "DIVIDE," with the cast of Game of Thrones and actor Zach Braff. He also did not deny being married!

The Backstreet Boys on The Cooper Lawrence Show

The Backstreet Boys are out promoting their first album in years and are about to release "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" but will they tour with the Spice Girls? This is the first  interview where they discuss that possibility!

Are Nagging Moms Good For You?

Cooper and Anthony learn that the secret to success is the opposite of what they once thought.

Can you change your child's name at 4yrs old?

The Cooper Lawrence Show on 106.1 BLI July 2018

A woman wants to change her 4 year old child's name, but is 4 too late to do that? Cooper, Anthony and the BLI listening family discuss!

Real Tree vs Fake Tree (aka Real Trees cause the flu!)

The Cooper Lawrence Show on 106.1 BLI

It's Christmas time! Cooper and the BLI listening family are debating: Real Tree vs Fake Tree. Anthony says real trees give you the flu and Zika.

Scrooging at School! Should schools ban X-Mas?

The Cooper Lawrence Show on 106.1 BLI

Some schools want to ban Christmas at school. Cooper and Anthony disagree on this...naturally. The BLI listening family weighs in.

The Cooper Lawrence Show at Newsradio 1067

How do you make American Idol better? Duh...ZOMBIE IDOL!

The Cooper Lawrence Show (Syndicated)

It's The Cooper Lawrence Show vs Dead Air. Which one is better? Cooper and Anthony don't want to know the answer!